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Upscale Media Restaurant Marketing Agency Dubai is the best Social Media Marketing Agency that solely works with F&B businesses based in Dubai, UAE. Our team consists of Food Photographers, experienced Digital Marketers, Restaurant Consultants, Content Creators, Video-Graphers & Graphic Designers.

Not only do we cater to your Social Media brand presence but we also aim to provide you with regular reports & Restaurant Consulting on frequent basis. We study, analyze the reports & reflect on what needs to be improved on to maximize revenue for our clients. 

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Why Choose Us

We specialize in Digital Marketing for Restaurants/Cafes based here in Dubai, UAE. All our focus, experience & skill sets are tailored towards to this very industry which will guarantee you the best possible results with your restaurant/cafe. Work with us & leave your competitors in the dust!

Save Your Time

We handle your Social Media platforms, creative content, photography & brand image which allows you to focus solely on your operations & customer service.

Affordable Price For You

We offer the most affordable packages in the market with high quality work. We cater to all budget sizes & have flexible packages

Best Strategy

We offer various levels of social media support that fits all budget sizes. We believe in personalized tailored solutions over one size fits all approach.


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About Upscale Media

3+ Years Of Experience In Restaurant / Cafe Marketing

Our team consists of individuals who have different skill sets but all share the passion for the F&B industry. We are recognized as the go to Social Media Marketing Agency when it comes to restaurants, cafes, dessert shops, bars, fine dining & cloud kitchens in Dubai, UAE. We have also expanded into HORECA & FMCG groups where we meet all our clients digital marketing & commercial needs here at Upscale Media.

Creative content Creation

Leave your competition in the dust with our high quality lead generating food marketing content whether it be special events or marketing content .

Higher Exposure & Engagement with followers

Gain more exposure from the frequent posts, strategic hashtags & user engaging content. More exposure equals to more income.

Optimize Search Engine Ranking

Rank your website or google maps listing on the 1st page of google & frequently be shown on the explore page on Instagram with our optimization & marketing skills. Website designing from scratch all the way to the top of the google search engine.

Our Restaurant Marketing Services

We Provide The Best Restaurant Social Media Marketing Services For You

Creative Content

Creative Content

Our in-house food photographers will come and capture all your restaurant has to offer. From the great foods and interior to the friendly staff and atmosphere. Our creative team are experts at building content that fits your company’s image & increasing engagement.

Paid Ad Campaigns

Paid Ad Campaigns

Whether it's your website, email newsletter, email marketing, google search or paid search, we're experienced at all fronts of digital marketing campaigns. This is an important tool if you want results within 24 hours.



People don't buy food, they buy the experience. We aim to give meaning to your F&B company through visuals and details which include, graphic designing, creating flyers, updating menus, designing your cups / plates which all contribute to your restaurant branding.

Food Photography / videography

Food Photography / videography

We bring your cafe / restaurant from the physical world to the digital world which will 10x your exposure. Our team enjoys brainstorming new ideas & experimenting on growth strategies. We offer everything from concept idea to food photography & editing.

SEO Optimization

SEO Optimization

We place you on top of the google search engine using one-page & off-page outbound optimization. If you are not showing up at the top when somebody is looking for what you offer, you are losing that customer to the competition.

Social Media Management

Social Media Management

Our Restaurant Social Media Management strategy focuses on creating high quality engaging content & distributing it across various platforms/ marketing channels. We are your one-stop shop for social media solutions. We offer varying levels of social media support, tailored to suit your budget.

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